Area Marketing


Our aim is to build a web portal to promote the strengths of a geographical area from a tourist and cultural point of view, through the provision of content and services. The Content Management System functionalities of the portal describe in a complete and multimedia way, the history of a place and its highlights. The strong integration with social networks amplifies the communicative capacity, so as to allow the multiplication of contacts and to increase the dissemination and outreach of published content.

E-commerce and online-booking services, also pre-existing ones, can then be easily integrated to expand the overall scope of the offer, while Open Data sources can be used to enrich the information presented.

A further step is to focus on the direct involvement of visitors, to build a community of interest through easy-to-use sharing tools that reproduce the dynamics of social networks. The visitor is provided with a “virtual card” to be used through an App, as a guide during the visit and to get discounts and promotions in the local area. In addition, the platform provides a user profiling activity, in order to trace preferences and behaviors on the portal, which can be integrated with the same user’s profiles on major social networks.

The portal can then be extended with our product WebMapp, which presents the map of the area in a new, accurate and complete way: new, because it focuses on the simplicity of use; accurate, due to the reliability of information that goes beyond what is normally achieved by online services; complete, because it promotes targeted characteristics of the territory to be enhanced.

Among the most relevant project realized by Net7, see Turismo Valle Camonica, and Associazione Borghi Autentici d’Italia.