Europeana Sounds

Opening the gateway to Europe’s sound and music heritage is the core of Europeana Sounds EU funded project, which has the following objectives:

– Increase the amount of audio content available via Europeana and improve coverage by aggregating recordings with widespread popular appeal
– Improve their access by enriching descriptions, developing techniques for cross-media and cross-collection linking
– Develop audience-specific sound channels that will improve search facility, navigation and user experience
– Promote the creative reuse of recordings
– Identify and advocate recommendations on how to resolve domain constraints and improve access to out of commerce audio content
– Build a network of stakeholders: specialists in technology, rights issues, software development and sound archives.

Net7 contributes mainly to the enrichment and participation WP, and deals with the semantic enrichment activity through Pundit.

Activities: semantic enrichment tools

Posted on

14 April 2014